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From Jennifer: Discovering your flow in 4-H

Dear youth, families and volunteers,

I love long distance running. I discovered it when I was 11 years old and have been running ever since. No matter where I've lived and worked, be it Brown County, Nicaragua or St. Paul, running has been my constant companion. When my feet hit the pavement or trail, it can feel as if nothing else matters. I've even been known to completely lose track of time while out on a run. I truly love it.

Have you ever experienced something similar? Where you become so deeply involved in a thought or activity that all else falls away? If you answered yes to that question, then you have experienced flow.

What is flow? Flow is a state of concentration or complete absorption in an activity. Athletes call it "being in the zone." Artists and musicians describe it as a passionate focus on their creative work. Children experience it when they are fully engrossed in play.

I've certainly witnessed flow in 4-H youth. I'm sure you have too. Whe…