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Flavia and Carrie: a 4-H harp duo

From harp lessons to trap shoot practice, software engineering to the archery range, Flavia and Carrie have found each of their own unique places in 4-H.

Meet Flavia.

She's a determined 14 year old aspiring software designer, who grew up on her family's crop farm in Martin County. She follows her father’s footsteps as a 4-H'er but in her own unique way. Differing from his experience focused on livestock projects, Flavia spends her time in 4-H performing and fine arts.

Flavia plays five different instruments - harp, violin, guitar, piano, and the drums. "Do I have time for myself? Good question!" Flavia laughs. She doesn't have much spare time after hours of daily practice, but still enjoys being involved in her high school’s speech and debate team.

Performing is one of Falvia's favorite and most natural activities. "I like that 4-H gives me the opportunity to get my art out there and have more experiences playing and competing in front of people," she reflected. "It has boosted my confidence in how I perform."

Flavia says her stage fright has decreased dramatically over her years in 4-H and her comfort on stage and in front of crowds has increased.

In addition to performing, Flavia has recently discovered an interest in software design. She's happy that 4-H provides opportunities to be involved in a variety of STEM experiences.

Meet Carrie.

She's a young teen who is active on her school trap shoot team and robotics club and loves to play the harp playing. 4-H is a new part of her learning journey, but Carrie isn't afraid to try new things. In fact, new is exciting.

"4-H is really great," she mentioned during a recent chat during the State Fair. "I love getting to meet new people and trying new things. There is so much I can do."

Without 4-H, Carrie wouldn't have the opportunity to stretch her skills like she currently does as a member of the Martin County 4-H performing arts club. It all started with her harp but she is determined to keep exploring.

"I wouldn't be in 4-H if it wasn’t for my harp but there is so much more to do. I have already noticed my public speaking and performing improve."

The skills Carrie is developing through 4-H will stick with her throughout life. Just like Flavia, she has been thinking about college and future career paths already. Her interest in the medical field is making her more curious and intentional in exploring STEM at every turn.

"Right now obstetrics sounds fun and challenging. I want to keep pushing myself to do the best I can and prepare for my future no matter where it leads me."

Carrie is on the right track to doing just that in 4-H, where she can explore a variety of career options through hands-on learning experiences. Whether STEM, performing arts, or one of the dozens of other projects available, youth of all ages can find what interests them through 4-H.

What brings these unique girls together?

You guessed it...performing. Flavia and Carrie make up a harp duo that showcases any chance they can get - especially through 4-H. They've been playing together for the last two years.

Harp instructor Rachel shared, "I wasn’t aware of the opportunities 4-H could give these girls. I credit 4-H for making them upping their game in how they present themselves, seeing others and learning from those experiences makes them want to do better. The Important skill they have learned in 4-H has been trust. Having a partner they rely on and who relies on them, they have to trust that the other will pull their weight to be successful."

"We like performing together and 4-H pushes us to get better each year and continue playing with one another," Carrie shared.

We look forward to all that Flavia and Carrie accomplish as they learn, grow and play together!

Would you like to hear them play? Check out this feature of them from Pioneer Public TV.

Local 4-H performing arts opportunities vary by county and time of year. To learn more about what options are near to you, visit our website.

By Madison Muir
University of Minnesota student
Kittson County 4-H alum
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