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From Jennifer: It’s a new season of doing in 4-H

A monthly letter from Minnesota 4-H interim state leader Dr. Jennifer A. Skuza

Dear 4-H youth, families and volunteers,

As we step into this new season, with the changing color of leaves and cooling of the air, it feels to me like a fresh start. My daughter just began a new year of school and enrichment activities are on our mind. Sports, STEM, creative arts, community service. There are so many choices.

4-H also begins anew in this season. October 1st is the start of our new program year. Just like each January when many of us set intentions for the coming months, now is the perfect time to identify how we want to change, and perhaps improve, our 4-H experience.

  • What are you curious and excited to learn and explore this year? Will you try something new?
  • How might you use your growing knowledge and passion to do for yourself, your family and club, your community and our world?

  • How might you encourage greater levels of learning and leadership in the youth you influence? 
  • How might you expand 4-H’s reach so that more and different young people in your community can feel welcome and engaged?

Have you noticed how purpose-driven this generation of young people is? What a privilege it is to come alongside Minnesota youth and empower them with skills to lead. To lead for a lifetime. This is what 4-H is truly all about.

Youth and alumni from across the United States have been celebrating all the ways 4-H has inspired them to do during National 4-H Council’s 30 Days of Doing. I hope you will add your story to the host of wonderful stories being shared.

And remember to keep on doing.


Jennifer A. Skuza
Minnesota 4-H interim state leader

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