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4-H volunteer Sara Bergman empowers youth to lead and serve in Lake County

Sara (right) with fellow 4-H leadership conference
participants from Lake County
As soon as Sara graduated from 4-H, she signed up to be a volunteer. Sara couldn't imagine missing a minute as part of the 4-H community.

"4-H was a great program for me. I wanted to be part of keeping it available for kids in our county. I had to wait a few years to chaperone since I was so close in age to the youth, but it was worth it. I'm now our county's designated State Fair chaperone. Whenever there’s a spot open, I'm there."

You don't have to be a parent to love kids!
Sara first joined 4-H in the 6th grade. She loved being a member of a club, creating skits for Share the Fun and building her leadership skills over time. She's still friends with many of the people she shared 4-H with as a youth and has even convinced a couple of them to join her as a 4-H volunteer.

"I love spending time with kids, but don't have any of my own. When my younger cousins' club needed a leader the girls approached me to ask for help. I jumped in! Being a 4-H volunteer means I can help my family and other kids in the community too."

Empowering youth to be leaders

Sara's unofficial title:
"She who brings the fun"
Four years ago, Lake County 4-H program coordinator Tracey Anderson was looking for a passionate caring adult to help her build new leadership experiences for local young people. Sara immediately rose to the top of her list.

"Sara is always willing to jump in and help whenever needed," reflected Tracey. "She's a true asset, especially to our ambassador program. She brings a wonderful positive attitude wherever she goes and relates well with young people."

The Lake County 4-H ambassador program engages older youth in regular opportunities to build their leadership skills, design learning experiences for young youth and serve their community. Sara is a faithful volunteer with these young people. She particularly enjoys being the one who help them stay motivated through hard projects and building community between them.

"I bring the fun and keep the kids motivated. At the beginning of each meeting, we talk about what's been positive and joyful about our day or week. I focus on keeping our team happy and enthusiastic."

Making a connection between work and volunteering

Sara works in the insurance industry and recently helped her 4-H youth access grant funding from Allstate to extend the reach of their community service. They used the Allstate Good Hands Grant to pay for a day camp experiences for the littlest of 4-H youth in Lake County.

"It was so cool to see my 4-H'ers use that funding to make a difference. This is why I volunteer. It's important for adults to show interest in the kids around them and help them do great things."

Sara is one of 11,000 caring adults who volunteer with 4-H in Minnesota. Together, they are helping young people learn and lead in their homes, their communities and throughout the world.

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