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4-H volunteer Sara Bergman empowers youth to lead and serve in Lake County

As soon as Sara graduated from 4-H, she signed up to be a volunteer. Sara couldn't imagine missing a minute as part of the 4-H community.

"4-H was a great program for me. I wanted to be part of keeping it available for kids in our county. I had to wait a few years to chaperone since I was so close in age to the youth, but it was worth it. I'm now our county's designated State Fair chaperone. Whenever there’s a spot open, I'm there."

You don't have to be a parent to love kids!
Sara first joined 4-H in the 6th grade. She loved being a member of a club, creating skits for Share the Fun and building her leadership skills over time. She's still friends with many of the people she shared 4-H with as a youth and has even convinced a couple of them to join her as a 4-H volunteer.

"I love spending time with kids, but don't have any of my own. When my younger cousins' club needed a leader the girls approached me to ask for help. I jumped in! Being…

4-H teen wins public health achievement award for teaching younger youth

Meet Briana M.

Briana is a 4-H'er from Washington County. She recently received a Public Health Achievement Award for her work encouraging healthy living in fellow youth.

4-H grows healthy and engaged young people.

A Senior at Park High School, Briana is in her second year helping younger youth make safe and healthy choices as a 4-H Youth Teaching Youth teen teacher.

"I used to babysit a lot, but got involved with 4-H because I wanted to learn more about being a teacher. I had no idea how hard it is or how rewarding it feels when kids learn from me."

Jessica Pierson Russo wants to make 4-H great for everybody

Citizenship and leadership are woven into all parts of the Minnesota 4-H urban youth development program. The more diversity there is in a community, the more we understand how important these skills are, according to Extension Educator Jessica Russo.

It's in the curriculum, in grant proposals, volunteer training and in programming. Through 4-H ambassador programs, campus visits, club exchanges and just everyday 4-H club experiences, youth are building skills to navigate relationships with people who are different from them.