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4-H is all about animals, right?

Monthly column from Minnesota 4-H director Dorothy McCargo Freeman
The goal of 4-H is to empower youth with skills to lead for a lifetime. We always have and always will be focused on young people.

So then, why do you suppose that many people think 4-H is about animals? And is that belief a problem? Should we try to convince others that we are not focused on animals?

I say no. And here is why.

Raising animals is a powerful way for youth to build critical life skills. Skills they can take with them no matter what their future holds.

4-H volunteer Sara Bergman empowers youth to lead and serve in Lake County

As soon as Sara graduated from 4-H, she signed up to be a volunteer. Sara couldn't imagine missing a minute as part of the 4-H community.

"4-H was a great program for me. I wanted to be part of keeping it available for kids in our county. I had to wait a few years to chaperone since I was so close in age to the youth, but it was worth it. I'm now our county's designated State Fair chaperone. Whenever there’s a spot open, I'm there."

You don't have to be a parent to love kids!
Sara first joined 4-H in the 6th grade. She loved being a member of a club, creating skits for Share the Fun and building her leadership skills over time. She's still friends with many of the people she shared 4-H with as a youth and has even convinced a couple of them to join her as a 4-H volunteer.

"I love spending time with kids, but don't have any of my own. When my younger cousins' club needed a leader the girls approached me to ask for help. I jumped in! Being…

4-H teen wins public health achievement award for teaching younger youth

Meet Briana M.

Briana is a 4-H'er from Washington County. She recently received a Public Health Achievement Award for her work encouraging healthy living in fellow youth.

4-H grows healthy and engaged young people.

A Senior at Park High School, Briana is in her second year helping younger youth make safe and healthy choices as a 4-H Youth Teaching Youth teen teacher.

"I used to babysit a lot, but got involved with 4-H because I wanted to learn more about being a teacher. I had no idea how hard it is or how rewarding it feels when kids learn from me."

Jessica Pierson Russo wants to make 4-H great for everybody

Citizenship and leadership are woven into all parts of the Minnesota 4-H urban youth development program. The more diversity there is in a community, the more we understand how important these skills are, according to Extension Educator Jessica Russo.

It's in the curriculum, in grant proposals, volunteer training and in programming. Through 4-H ambassador programs, campus visits, club exchanges and just everyday 4-H club experiences, youth are building skills to navigate relationships with people who are different from them.

Release your potential by dreaming big

Monthly column from Minnesota 4-H director Dorothy McCargo Freeman
I am a dreamer It's true. I spend a great deal of time dreaming and envisioning what could be for myself, my fellow youth workers and 4-H as a whole. I love to imagine the future.

Are you like me? Do you see possibilities and opportunities wherever you go? This way of viewing the world can be a natural inclination. It can also be cultivated. It can be grown.

Yes we can Every single day, we are surrounded by problems of all sizes. It can be tempting to see problems as permanent roadblocks, barriers we cannot move. But that is just not true. You and I have so much potential to affect change.

Even when facing the biggest most complicated challenges, make your first reaction "yes, we can." If you begin with possibility, you will orient yourself toward what can be.

Saying "yes, we can" shapes the way we approach life. It is the beginning of seeing the possibilities all around us. It heightens our co…