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Tim Goldsmith and Signe Wass: "Our 4-H roots brought our family together"

Signe and Tim Volunteering at the state fair
Tim Goldsmith and Signe Wass are proud 4-H alumni and University of Minnesota graduates. They met in college at the University of Minnesota, School of Veterinary Medicine. Later, when Signe’s mother was going through some old photos, they discovered that in high school, they showed swine against each other in the same class at the state fair, but never knew each other. Having the common roots of 4-H brought them even closer together and provided a foundation for them to raise their children with.

 "I try to live out the health part of the pledge for raising my family," said Signe. "We try to eat properly, be active, and of course be civically engaged leaders in our community." They aspire to model these behaviors for their two daughters, who are in Goodhue county 4-H.

They are alumni from two separate counties. Tim is from Fillmore and Signe is from West Otter Tail.

During their time in 4-H, both Time and Signe showed livestock at their county and state levels. Tim showed cattle, poultry, and swine, and Signe showed swine.

Following their time at the University of Minnesota, they both went on to be veterinarians. Their experiences in 4-H helped them to be comfortable with many different species of animals and gave both of them the people skills that are helpful to be effective veterinarians.

Tim and Signe encourage youth still in 4-H to take advantage of every opportunity that comes their way. "It’s so much more than animals, there are so many other things that you can get into based on what your interests are." said Signe.

Laura Wyatt
Extension Development Office

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