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"What I like about 4-H is being in a supportive community. 4-H is like family."

Meet Manny.

He's is a 4-H'er from Ramsey County and a member of the Teen Power 4-H Club. He first got involved with 4-H at a local community center eight years ago. Little did he know what an important impact 4-H would have on his future.

4-H is a meaningful place for Manny. It's a place where he isn't stressed and feels safe to learn new skills. Photography is his most recent interest and his connections with 4-H staff and volunteers are helping him explore all the ways he can use photography to communicate his ideas and observations.

Maria Brekke: "4-H allowed me to bond and connect with people."

Maria Brekke grew up in Scott County, a member of the Shakopee Super Seekers 4-H Club. Throughout her time in 4-H, she made lifelong bonds and built a foundation of values like hard work, humility and self-sufficiency.

She learned these important life skills and values through many 4-H programs. One of her earliest 4-H memories is showing pigs with her siblings and cousins at the Scott County Fair. Maria also constructed sewing projects with the help of her great-aunt. "I loved the hours I had at her house sewing and spending time together."

From 2010-2012, Maria served as a Minnesota 4-H State Ambassador. "During that time, I gained an incredible amount of confidence and self-worth, which I credit to the program and its leaders. The ambassador program is one of the most impressive things 4-H offers. I hope 4-Hers continue to take advantage of it," she said.

Perhaps her fondest 4-H memory is meeting her husband, Nick Penning. They were both working at the 4-H Build…

4-H Introduced Kern scholarship awardee to career possibilities

Elizabeth (Lizzie) Bergem is a 2017 recipient of the Kern Scholarship.

Now a freshman at Minnesota State Community and Technical College, Lizzie is enjoying college and learning new things every day.

"My dream career would be to work as a 4-H Educator for the University of Minnesota Extension. I want to be able to give back to this program because it has shaped me into the person that I am today." Lizzie was involved in the program for 11 years and has jumped at every opportunity she could. Her highlights include fashion revue, barnyard Olympics, showing sheep, and helping out at 4-H after school programs.

As she has gotten older, she has realized the value of her 4-H experiences. "I learned over the years that training animals takes time, repetition and patience. The more you work with your animal, the better they will be in the show ring." She sees that these same principles apply to working on any type of project. "When working with youth, you need to have pat…