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Giving to grow leaders

Monthly column from Minnesota 4-H director Dorothy McCargo Freeman

Dear 4-H volunteers and supporters,

Imagine with me a young person named Mela...

Mela is 12 years old.
Standing in front of a large group of energetic, and slightly rambunctious, peers.
Her heart is thumping.
Her goal is clear.

Help everybody feel welcome and connected to each other.

"I've got this," she quietly says to herself.

Mela is confident and skilled. Mela is a true leader.

She's like that because of you.

And she is just like so many youth in our 4-H program!

This time of year draws us toward expressions of love, compassion, and joy. We often express these feelings by giving. We give to share our good feelings with others.

In 4-H, we know how important giving is. With our gifts, we grow leaders.
There are many ways we give, and not just during the holiday season, but all year long.

  • We give our time to plan engaging experiences for youth of all ages.
  • We give our expertise to help them deepen their learning and knowledge.
  • We give our money so that more young people can join 4-H. Without our gifts, Minnesota youth, like Mela, would miss out on growing into leaders.

Mela wasn’t born with the confidence to lead.

She grew it.
Step by step.
One opportunity at a time.

In 4-H, we believe true leaders aren’t born –they are grown.

Thank you for giving so generously. Your gifts of time, energy, passion, and money make a difference in the lives of our young people.

Together, we are growing true leaders in Minnesota.

Dorothy McCargo Freeman

Curious to learn more about Mela? Read her story.

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