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4-H'er leaves her mark by passing the torch...

At the end of her career in 4-H, Alli P. is wishing to make a bigger impact. The Carlton County 4-H'er has spent her entire youth in the horse project, learning and being encouraged by the youth who came before her.

Alli and her horse Roxy at the
2017 Minnesota 4-H State Horse Show
Looking back on these past 13 years, Alli credits 4-H for empowering her with leadership skills she'll use throughout life. From serving as a club officer to representing her community as Carlton County's dairy princess, 4-H helped Alli work hard and achieve even the highest goals she set for herself. "I set goals initially based on what people said I couldn't do and having 4-H there to help me accomplish those goals meant everything to me."

Alli loved growing up on her family's farm near Willow River, Minnesota. Her parents couldn't get her out of the barns. 4-H was an after school opportunity for Alli to invest her free time building knowledge and practical skills in both the dairy and horse projects. Horses were her favorite.

"Horses have always been a part of my life. I was climbing on a horse before my mom even knew. Horses gave me a hobby that turned into so much more.They gave me something to work towards. They gave me goals and taught me patience, passion, and leadership, just to name a few."

4-H also provided Alli with great role models. Older youth showed her the ropes, answered her many questions and have become lifelong connections. "I have friends all over the state thanks to 4-H. It's great running into them. We'll always share 4-H in common."

Alli knows how important strong connections with caring adults and older youth can be for young people. She hopes to help younger 4-H'ers form similar bonds and friendships. "Being a mentor to other kids is fun. I like helping them and watching them do their best."

Being in her final 4-H year is bittersweet, but Alli looking forward to what comes next. She is excited to pass on everything she has gained from 4-H. "There are is so much to do in 4-H. Looking back I wish I would have done more. That's why I telling everyone about 4-H!"

Alli is currently a sophomore at Ridgewater College studying Agricultural Business. Alli hopes to use her degree to help farmers better manage their land and crops through an agronomy business.

To fulfill the bigger impact she wishes to, Alli is deciding to pass on the torch, lit by her 4-H experiences, to young riders by serving as a mentor, coach, and friend as many did before her.

Written by Madison Muir
University of Minnesota student
Kittson County 4-H alum

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