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From ambassador to leading the ambassadors, Meet Kristina!

Kristina Abbas, Ramsey County.
It all started with simple pie social in her neighborhood for Kristina Abbas of  Ramsey county. That was her first introduction to 4-H. "The older leaders took time to get to know me." She was drawn in by the fact that youth were running the meetings. From there, Kristina got involved in many different projects. Her favorites were photography and self determined. She also has fond memories of being in County Arts In and a Camp Counselor. 

A defining moment in her 4-H career was when she made the transition from being an officer in her club, to a Minnesota 4-H State Ambassador. As an ambassador Kristina was able to work at the Minnesota State Fair 4-H building, facilitate youth conferences across the state, and be an advocate for the Minnesota 4-H program. She says this gave her the opportunity to "express [her] love for 4-H and better communicate with people."

Kristina and Ambassador at the Minnesota State Fair.
After being a Minnesota 4-H State Ambassador for two years she looked for other ways to stay involved in the program. She began interning with the program and helping the Minnesota 4-H State Ambassador Coordinator. From there she stepped into a larger role helping to lead the 2017-2018 Minnesota 4-H State Ambassador team. She says that through this role she continues to learn more about herself, now as a 4-H alum.

“Seeing youth grow in the program the way I have is so rewarding. Really I'm just here to teach them how to find their voice and lead other youth.

Written by Janelle Hueners
University of Minnesota Student
Chisago County 4-H Alum

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