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Kaitlyn (Rosemore) Rhoda: "I met my best friends through 4-H!"

Kaitlyn and Matt volunteering at the MN State Fair 
The state fair is a long way from home for Kaitlyn (Rosemore) Rhoda from Itasca county, but the 4-H building became a home away from home through her 4-H State Arts-In experience and other life events.

State Arts-In is a 22 day experience in which youth from all over the state come together to learn skills like teamwork, leadership, goal-setting, and theater arts. They put together a 30 minute musical show that is performed every day at the Minnesota State Fair. "I met so many wonderful people in State Arts-In. Two of them are going to be in my wedding as my maid of honor and my 'bridesman"

Kaitlyn in costume for the 2012 State Arts-In performance 
Some of her most fond memories are on the Harkness stage of the 4-H building, but not just from performing. At the 2016 state fair, her husband, Matt Rhoda, proposed to her after an arts-in show. Although Matt was never in 4-H, he did it because "It was perfect and unexpected. She loves this place so much and it was the best place to make it happen. Kaitlyn was the first person that brought me to the state fair and the 4-H building," he said.

With State Arts-In Friends
As they are getting ready to start their life together, Kaitlyn remembers the 4-H pledge as a reminder to always be the best she can be in everything she does.

Kaitlyn’s career path led her straight into the workforce, where she worked retail for 5 years and is currently a banker at US Bank. "The people skills I learned in 4-H have helped me to be successful in this job."

She urges youth still in 4-H to make the most of every opportunity and try new things. "Even if you think you won’t like it, do it. That’s what I did and that’s why I enjoyed my time in 4-H so much."

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