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4-H grows inclusion and passion!

Finn B.E. is a Minnesota 4-H State Ambassador from Kittson County. He credits 4-H with growing strong relationships with his peers, while allowing him to be his true self.

Finn is currently serving as a
Minnesota 4-H State Ambassador
Lucia Davila Alvarez: What does being a State Ambassador mean to you?
Finn B.E.: It's been life-changing. I've bonded with each state ambassador in an individual way, no matter how close we are as a group. I count some of them as my best friends. To me, being a state ambassador means that I have the chance to impact the lives of countless youth, including myself. Creating an experience that can change attitudes, giving a face to the faceless, and working on making my personal best better is what I strive to do as a state ambassador.

While I am a state ambassador, I can be my own individual self and still be a part of something that is much bigger. I can show that 4-H is more than the livestock, the ribbons, the arts, the projects. It is the tangible connections that you make with the people around you and the love that you add to a world otherwise lonely. As a state ambassador, I can not only advocate for this, but I can be this. I can be the tangible connection between diverse communities and the love that gives life to so many ideas and issues.

7-year-old Finn loving
the Performing Arts project
Lucia: How did you get involved in 4-H?
Finn:  4-H has always been in my life. I am a third gen 4-H'er, my mom and grandma were both 4-H'ers. My mom put me in 4-H as a young kid, but I wasn't that passionate. Then I went to D.C. as a part of the 4-H group attending the presidential inauguration. This is when 4-H really started for me. I grew close to many people and learned so much during the trip. After that, I had a sort of epiphany - I could do so much within the boundaries of 4-H! I could create long-lasting friendships and form bonds with communities that I might not have a chance to otherwise. Now, 4-H means so much to me. It means inclusion and passion.

Lucia:  What are your plans for after high school?
Finn: Well I really love theater and expressing myself through language. I also really enjoy singing and fashion. For me, fashion is a way I can express myself, kind of like another language, I can let an outfit speak for itself.

Lucia Davila Alvarez
Augsburg Student
Ramsey County 4-H Alum

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