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Dr. Dian Lopez: "I give because 4-H helps children become resourceful adults"

Meet Dr. Dian Lopez.

Dr. Lopez is a retired Computer Science professor, a board member for the Douglas County Hospital, and a loyal donor to the Minnesota 4-H Foundation.

Growing up in Beltrami County, Dr. Lopez joined 4-H as a child. Dr. Lopez loved going to the fair as an opportunity to connect with other 4-H members in her community. Every year, she went to the county fair in Bemidji, hoping that luck was on her side and she could win a trip to the state fair. As the fair season approached, Dr. Lopez grew excited to help other community members get ready.

4-H instilled a love of service in Dr. Lopez. In the program, she learned the value of giving, not only with your head, but with your heart. "The 4-H pledge is something to live by," she said. "My experiences in 4-H have made me a more caring person and community person." This is evident throughout Dr. Lopez’s career.

 She currently serves on a variety of organizations, including: the Douglas County Hospital B…

"I volunteer because in 4-H, no matter what you're interested in, you can find a place to belong, work hard, and experience success."

Jeff Eibler is in his 15th year as a 4-H volunteer.

He first signed up to volunteer at the request of his wife, Jan. She wanted to be sure that their three young daughters could experience 4-H near their home in International Falls, Minnesota.

"I didn't know much about it at first, but came along for the ride. Once I became a volunteer, I started looking for ways to contribute. Since I was interested in dogs, the dog project seemed like a good option."

After Jeff and his girls explored the 4-H Dog Project for a few years, they discovered Minnesota 4-H's Project Bowl program. This series of regional and state competitions challenges teams of youth on their knowledge of 4-H project areas. Teams are asked questions and buzz in to give their best response.

"Our first year we had two junior teams in the dog project area. Both experienced success at the regional competition, but got hammered at state. We all came back with our tails dragging. But let me tell you, get…