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Abby Schreier: "In 4-H you will gain confidence and become a great leader"

Meet Abby Schreier.

Abby is a recent 4-H alumni from the Black Bear 4-H Club in Crow Wing County. Her 4-H experience started in 3rd grade and continued through the year after her high school graduation.

4-H was an avenue of discovery and learning for Abby. Every year, Abby looked forward to bringing a project to the Minnesota State Fair to showcase what she had learned in a specific project area. Some years, she brought general exhibit projects like entomology. Other years, she came for livestock encampment with a rabbit. Her love of the state fair and learning new things was fostered in her year as a Minnesota 4-H State Ambassador, in which she was able to help out at the 4-H building for the entire 12 days of the fair and grow her leadership skills even more.

Abby just finished her Associate of Arts Degree at Central Lakes College in Brainerd. She is excited for a new adventure studying agricultural education at South Dakota State University in Brookings. Her long-term goal is to become a high school agriculture teacher.

Abby with her rabbit at the State Fair
"I learned so much through 4-H that has jumpstarted my career. When I started in 4-H I was very shy and wasn’t much of a talker. I became involved with my club’s Share the Fun skit and I learned that I love public speaking and I was really good at it." She also was able to find her love of animals and agriculture in the program. "Where I live, I couldn’t have large livestock so I got a couple of rabbits and throughout the years I have raised and shown ducks, geese, swine, and rabbits. I learned so much about agriculture and leadership that I found out I loved it so much that I wanted to teach others."

She is no longer the shy and quiet third grader that came into 4-H. "My advice to 4-H members is to go for it. Whatever your "it" might be; going to that 4-H event by yourself because your friends are unable to go, starting in a completely new project area, or applying for that 4-H leadership position in your club, county, or state. Maybe your "it" isn't even directly 4-H related; going to college, learning a new language, or finding what your niche is in life. Once you find what your "it" is, go for it. You will gain confidence and become a great leader."

Graduating from 4-H didn’t stop Abby’s involvement in the program. She is currently working for Crow Wing County 4-H as a summer intern, and stays connected to her club as a volunteer. "I’m staying involved in 4-H because I want to share my love of 4-H with other youth. I want to be behind the scenes and make sure that whatever program will run as smoothly as possible so they can have a great experience and want to share the love of 4-H with everybody."

Laura Wyatt
Minnesota 4-H Foundation

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