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Rachel Boyle: "I give because Minnesota 4-H is a truly transformative program."

Rachel Boyle is a loyal donor to Minnesota 4-H
Dr. Rachel Boyle is a loyal donor to the Minnesota 4-H Foundation and an alumni of Minnesota 4-H. She first experienced 4-H growing up in Stevens County, and later in Douglas County.

Her favorite part of being in 4-H was serving as a regional camp director, as well as a state ambassador. "Not only did I gain fantastic leadership skills like project management and public speaking, but they were also dynamic experiences filled with diverse activities, lasting friendships, and a lot of fun."

4-H fostered in Rachel a deep love for learning. After high school, she attended Macalester College in St. Paul studying history. She earned her Ph.D. in United States and Public History from Loyola University in Chicago, where her scholarship was awarded the President's Medallion.

Today, Rachel lives in Chicago and works as a public historian. "I am invested in harnessing the power of the past to empower contemporary communities. Through 4-H I gained a strong foundation of indispensable professional skills. Even more importantly, 4-H taught me how to rigorously pursue goals while always rooting my work in service to the broader community."

Rachel was a State Ambassador
during her time in 4-H
Years after her 4-H experience ended, Rachel continues to pledge her hands to larger service. Whether working with local historical societies, legal aid organizations, or her neighborhood church, her work is  rooted in community engagement.

"I recently spearheaded a public history project in a southwest neighborhood of Chicago. It was a collaboration with the local historical society, alderman’s office, and area schools. We hosted a community festival, built a digital oral history collection, and unveiled a mural painted by local youth.

"Coordinating the project reminded me of my time as a camp counselor and state ambassador--I had to know how to lead effective meetings, collaborate with diverse stakeholders, and foster enthusiastic buy-in from colleagues and audiences--and the result was similarly empowering and unforgettable."

Living out of state doesn’t keep Rachel from staying connected to Minnesota 4-H as a financial supporter. "I try to put my money where my heart is by giving from afar. Minnesota 4-H is a truly transformative youth development program that has the power to change lives and build strong citizens."

We are thankful for people like Rachel whose gifts demonstrate how strongly they believe in the power of 4-H. Together, we are equipping youth with the skills they need to lead for a lifetime.

Laura Wyatt
Minnesota 4-H Foundation

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