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Christoph Brostrom: "The friendships and skills you grow in 4-H are life-long."

Christoph (far right) serves in
the Minnesota Army National Guard
Meet Christoph Brostrom.

Christoph is an 11 year 4-H alum from the Cloverleaf 4-H club in Anoka County.

For many years, Christoph participated in a 4-H performing arts program called Arts-In, both in his county and at the state level. "Minnesota 4-H State Arts-In is a 22 day experience where 4-H’ers from all across the state get together to put on a 30 minute musical show. By being a part of this, I learned leadership, speaking skills and made many friends."

Another highlight of his 4-H years was earning trips to the 4-H National Shoot, where he demonstrated the skills he learned in the 4-H Shooting Sports and Wildlife project. "At this event, I competed with other states in shooting skills competitions, as well as in testing on hunting skills knowledge."

Christoph performing in
Minnesota 4-H State Arts-In
The 4-H pledge serves as a model for Christoph as he moves into adulthood. "It reminds me to strive to make myself even better than I was the day before," he said. One way he lives out the Pledge is by serving in the Minnesota Army National Guard. He sees similarities between his 4-H experience and his experience with the National Guard. "In the Army, soldiers are taught how to work as a team, as well as how to lead. In my many years of 4-H, I learned and used these skills very frequently."

Graduating from the
Anoka County 4-H program
Christoph gives a lot of credit to 4-H for getting him to where he is today. "4-H was a huge part in preparing me for where I am today. Skills I learned in 4-H such as leadership, teamwork, and presentation and discussion, I use every day in school and life." He also uses those skills as a 4-H volunteer. He has younger siblings still in the program, and faithfully helps out at the Anoka County Fair. This past summer, he was also an assistant director for the Minnesota 4-H State Arts-In program.

After completing basic training with the National Guard, Christoph returned to the University of Minnesota to study Civil Engineering. He recently joined the Minnesota chapter of Farmhouse Fraternity and is looking forward to serving his community through the organization.

As an alum of 4-H, Christoph offers this advice for youth who are still involved. "Spend as much time as you can learning and making memories. Set goals and work to achieve them. Push for excellence. And most importantly, have fun and make friends. The friendships and skills you grow in 4-H are life-long. They can be cultivated and used to help you grow in college and the future."

Thank you Christoph for serving our country and sharing your 4-H pride.

Laura Wyatt
Minnesota 4-H Foundation

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