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"I hope that every person who volunteers knows that they are important and valuable."

4-H volunteer Becca Turnquist (3rd from left)
with Swift County 4-H Ambassadors
Becca Turnquist is a proud 4-H volunteer in Swift County.

She advises the 4-H ambassador program, giving youth opportunities to build leadership skills while representing 4-H at a variety of events and doing community service throughout the county.

"My role is to help our ambassadors accomplish their goals and stay organized with meetings. I also give mini trainings to help them be more effective leaders. Building presentations, being a good listener, and how to give back to our community are topics we've explored together."

This is not Becca's first experience with 4-H. In fact, she chose to be a 4-H volunteer because of how much she gained from the program during her own growing up years.

Becca with champion steer
2012 Swift County Fair
“It’s fun to give back to organization that provided so much to me. I learned many valuable skills about working with people and how to be successful. I want youth now to have the same 4-H experience or even better.”

There are a variety of ways caring adults can make a difference for youth in their community through 4-H. Some opportunities are long-term, like Becca’s 12-month commitment to advise an ambassador team.

“But there are also small ways of supporting youth and the learning they want to experience. It’s okay to volunteer for single events. I hope that every person who volunteers knows that, no matter your role, you are important and valuable.”

Volunteers like Becca are an essential part of 4-H. When caring adults partner with youth to explore topics and ideas they’re both excited about, great things happen. In 4-H, youth grow the skills they need to lead for a lifetime.

“I hope that 4-H continues to be a place where youth can learn and grow. I want new and different families to discover that 4-H is a great opportunity. 4-H does really good things for youth.”

When not volunteering with 4-H, Becca is a substitute teacher in the Kerkhoven Murdock Sunburg School District.

Did you know?
In a single year, over 11,000 Minnesota 4-H volunteers contribute 1 million hours to help youth learn and lead. Discover how you can get involved.

Youth in 4-H are 4 times more likely to actively contribute to their communities. Join 4-H in your community.

Building leadership skills is a big part of the 4-H experience. Learn more here.

University of Minnesota
Extension Center for Youth Development

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