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"In 4-H, I was surrounded by a community who believed in me."

Meet Sara Budde.

Sara is a 4-H program coordinator in Stearns County. She is passionate about 4-H because it helps youth find their confidence and learn to be the best kind of community members.

"Our kids are more likely to live healthy lives and contribute in meaningful ways. I've watched this in my own community my whole life. 4-H'ers learn to be great people and that shows in every part of their lives."

Research backs up exactly what Sara says. Youth who grow up in 4-H are four times more likely to actively contribute to their communities, and are twice as likely to both excel in school and make health life choices.

Joel Luehmann: "I give because our youth are our future."

Joel Luehmann is a recent donor to the Minnesota 4-H Foundation. He first connected with 4-H when he was growing up in Winona County outside of Lewiston, Minnesota. Joel was a member of the Silo Happy Hustlers 4-H Club.

His favorite parts of being in 4-H were learning, meeting new people, and seeing new places. "My favorite project was commodity marketing. I was fortunate to participate in learning through trips to the Chicago Board of Trade, Washington D.C., and the Bicentennial tour in Minnesota," said Joel. He also benefited from project areas like demonstrations and public speaking.

He attended the University of Minnesota- Twin Cities, and majored in Agricultural Economics. Joel uses the skills he built in 4-H to be successful in his professional life as senior director of enterprise risk management at AgStar Financial Services. "My career requires lifelong learning, working with others, speaking, and writing. 4-H helped prepare me to continue learning throughout my …

"I hope that every person who volunteers knows that they are important and valuable."

Becca Turnquist is a proud 4-H volunteer in Swift County.

She advises the 4-H ambassador program, giving youth opportunities to build leadership skills while representing 4-H at a variety of events and doing community service throughout the county.

"My role is to help our ambassadors accomplish their goals and stay organized with meetings. I also give mini trainings to help them be more effective leaders. Building presentations, being a good listener, and how to give back to our community are topics we've explored together."

This is not Becca's first experience with 4-H. In fact, she chose to be a 4-H volunteer because of how much she gained from the program during her own growing up years.

Johanna Knorr: "Take advantage of the opportunities 4-H has for you!"

Johanna Knorr is a 4-H alum from West Otter Tail County. She was a member of the Norwegian Grove 4-H Club in Pelican Rapids, Minnesota.

Growing up, Johanna was involved in all things dairy. In addition to raising and showing dairy cows for her local county fair, Johanna "exhibited dairy with 4-H at the Minnesota State Fair for 7 years. Aside from the show ring, I enjoyed the interview process at State Fair. It really tested my knowledge of the dairy project," said Johanna.
In high school, she went to the National 4-H Dairy Conference in Madison, Wisconsin as a way to further showcase her knowledge and the cows she raised. "It was an amazing opportunity to meet other 4-H members from across the country who loved dairy cattle as much as I did!"

Johanna is currently a senior at the University of Minnesota- Twin Cities majoring in Animal Science, Agriculture, and Food Business Management. She is a member of Beta of Clovia Sorority, the Gopher Dairy Club, University Honors…

"You can't come out of 4-H without confidence, self-awareness, and lifelong skills to use no matter what your future."

Meet Genevieve,a Minnesota 4-H True Leader.
Genevieve just returned from the National 4-H Conference in Washington D.C. She was a member of the conference's Youth Leadership Team (YLT).

Along with 6 other youth, Genevieve spent months building collaboration, problem-solving, and leadership skills while planning important aspects of this annual conference. It was attended by around 250 youth from across the United States.

"My primary roles during the conference were to host, build community between attendees, and co-lead a roundtable experience on climate change. I've grown a lot in my administrative skills. I'm way more efficient and thorough in planning because of my YLT experience."

Beltrami County 4-H'er Camille Grey Receives Kern Scholarship

Camille Grey, a recent graduate of Bemidji High School, is the most recent recipient of the Minnesota 4-H Foundation’s Kern Scholarship.

Camille attends the University of Minnesota –Twin Cities, pursuing a B.A. in Sociology of Law, Criminology, and Deviance. She has a passion for alleviating injustices in the world, and believes understanding is key.

"I’m hoping to obtain a better grasp of the interdisciplinary forces that compound with biology to produce human nature as it relates to violence," Camille said.

To her, a college education means securing greater understanding of what she does and learning how to best approach world issues she does not understand.

During Camille’s 4-H career, she was primarily involved in poultry and swine projects, but also liked to try new things she found interesting or that peaked her interest. In sixth grade, she worked with copper wire to determine sex in embryonic quail.

She calls seventh grade "the year of chocolate chip cookies,&q…

I pledge my heart to greater loyalty

I pledge my head to clearer thinking, my heart to greater loyalty, my hands to larger service, and my health to better living for my family, my club, my community, my country, and my world.  –The 4-H Pledge

Our 4-H Pledge is about whole person development. Head. Heart. Hands. Health. When we speak this pledge together, we commit ourselves to growing all parts of the youth with which we partner.

Last month I wrote about the head part of our 4-H Pledge. Today, I’d like to consider our hearts.

I pledge my heart to greater loyalty.

This part of the 4-H Pledge in anchored in social and emotional learning. SEL is the process of acquiring and applying knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary to understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions.