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Tim Petersen: "I feel that my contribution is money well spent on the youth of Minnesota."

Tim with daughter Kelly, wife Jan, and daughter Molly
Tim Petersen, a 4-H alum from Blackhawk County, Iowa, gives to the Minnesota 4-H Foundation for many reasons. His children and grandchildren have participated in the program and he feels it is a very important part of Minnesota.

During his 4-H years, Tim showed beef steers, spending plenty of time training them to lead and be comfortable around him. "My 4-H experience taught me to be observant, work diligently and keep good records, which translates to any professional endeavor."

Tim attended Iowa State University majoring in Civil Engineering. In 2004, he retired from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources after 33 years as a Regional Engineer and Assistant Administrator for the Bureau of Engineering. In his work with the DNR, he found that many park managers throughout the state believed 4-H to be the best organization to build and sustain a partnership with.

As a 4-H alumni himself, he has advice for other alumni. "My advice to 4-H alumni is to give back to the next group of kids with your time, encouragement, and money."

Tim with grandchildren Benjamin, Noah, and Lauren
Tim stays involved in 4-H happenings through his daughter and grandchildren. "My oldest daughter [Kelly Strei] was in Washington County 4-H. She really blossomed. She progressed to the county 4-H federation president by the time she was a senior [in high school]. She continued on to North Dakota State where one of her minors was County Extension." Kelly currently works as a 4-H program coordinator in Wright County and has three children who participate in 4-H. "I’m particularly impressed how kids gain confidence in their abilities through their various projects," he said.

Kelly reflected fondly on her 4-H experience and how it got her to where she is today. "4-H allowed me to develop lifelong friendships. I learned valuable leadership and public speaking skills and how I could use my talents to pursue higher education and career choice. By having my own children involved in 4-H, it is my hope that they discover their own passions and develop valuable life skills. 4-H enables them to have opportunities that they might not otherwise have had."

Tim thinks it is very important to give to Minnesota 4-H. "I understand the limitations of county Extension funding and don’t want the program to fall behind. I feel that my contribution is money well spent on the youth of Minnesota," said Tim.

We are grateful to Tim for his sincere support of Minnesota youth. His gifts ensure they can build the skills they need to lead for a lifetime.

Laura Wyatt
Minnesota 4-H Foundation
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