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"Being a leader who helps others grow is amazing and truly life changing."

Maggie is a Minnesota 4-H True Leader.

Maggie is a 16-year-old 4-H'er in Murray County. Her first experience with 4-H was as a first grader when she started exploring horses, sheep, and crafts with other youth in the Cameron 4-H Club.

Maggie loves horses. She spends a lot of time focused on hippology (the study of horses), horse judging, speech and demonstration, building horse riding skills, and even leads the Cloverbud horse project, teaching the youngest of 4-H'ers about her passion. Maggie has competed several times at the Minnesota 4-H State Horse Show and has represented Minnesota 4-H at three national competitions.

4-H has also been a place for Maggie to build leadership skills. 4-H leadership events, retreats, and conferences in Murray County, Southwest Minnesota, and in Minneapolis-St. Paul have challenged her to grow. Last winter, she attended a youth leadership retreat offered by 4-H in Marshall, Minnesota. At the retreat, Maggie learned to value different strengths and perspectives in fellow community members. She discovered that great leaders equip others to use their strengths toward better, collaborative results. That 4-H retreat motivated Maggie to be a reflective and intentional leader in her own community.

"We need all types of people for our society to run well. And that’s true for 4-H too. I want to get better at helping other people grow, engage around a goal, and take on roles that are meaningful and empowering."

Maggie has a lot of opportunity to practice these important leadership skills in 4-H. She is currently the Murray County 4-H Horse Club secretary and treasurer, Cameron 4-H Club president, a Murray County 4-H ambassador, and the Murray County 4-H Federation president. And she even joined the planning committee for that 4-H retreat she attended last year, hoping to pass on what she learned to other youth in Southwest Minnesota.

"I want to help younger 4-H'ers share their strengths and develop their own ability to lead. I want to be a leader who empowers all youth, regardless of age, to make a difference. To lead and grow."

4-H believes in the power of young people. We see that every youth has valuable strengths and real influence to improve the world around us. 4-H empowers youth, just like Maggie, with the skills to lead for a lifetime.

"I've grown and found myself because of 4-H. I know so much more about life because of the organization. Being a leader who is able to help others have a similar experience is amazing and truly life changing."

4-H'ers are active citizens. They are four times more likely to contribute to their communities and are two times more likely to be civically engaged.

Now in her junior year of high school, Maggie is starting to explore college and career opportunities. She is especially interested in being a large animal veterinarian. Maggie believes her involvement in 4-H will help her achieve her goals.

We're proud to claim Maggie as a Minnesota 4-H'er!

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