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Cottonwood County 4-H'ers hold workshops promoting fitness

Coming Together. Learning. Having Fun. Battling an Epidemic.

Are you physically active each day? Do you try to eat healthy foods? 60 minutes of physical activity a day, along with healthy eating, is recommended by the CDC in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This can be hard for some people, as is shown with the obesity rate throughout the United States. Cottonwood County 4-H youth Kelsey and program coordinator Crystal Reith noticed obesity was an issue in their own community and wanted to make a positive impact. Youth, they believed, were the key to helping families make healthy changes.

Together, Kelsey and Crystal designed a workshop series called "Food, Fun, and Fitness." In it, youth were encouraged to spend 60 minutes a day doing physical activity, taught how to make healthy snacks, and learned to promote a healthy lifestyle to their friends and family. "The group met four times throughout the summer. At each session, we focused on movement, healthy eating, …

Kent Olson: "Be ready to learn anything from anyone in 4-H."

Kent Olson is the Associate Dean at the University of Minnesota ExtensionCenter for Community Vitality. Although he works in another part of Extension today, he still appreciates his 4-H experience growing up in Iowa. He is an alumni of Wright County, Iowa.

During his 4-H days, he primarily showed swine. He also enjoyed learning about leadership and special projects such as electricity. When he was an older member of 4-H, he remembers going on a trip to Washington, D.C. and staying at the National 4-H Conference Center.

He started out working in economics at the University, and soon worked his way up to the leadership role he holds today. Before coming to the University of Minnesota Extension, he worked with Extension in California. Even though it can be cold, he likes Minnesota and the Midwest.

Olson recalls many things from his 4-H years that helped him to be successful in his work today. The first thing that came to his mind was the opportunity to develop leadership skills. 4-H also h…

"It's fun to see youth and adults grow, gain confidence, and learn together."

Meet Dan Landherr.

Dan is a volunteer with 4-H in Chisago County.

4-H is the perfect place for Dan to share his love for building, creating, and innovating with his family and with other youth from his community.

Dan first started volunteering with 4-H when his oldest son was 10 years old. They were both interested in robotics and thought it would be fun to explore the topic with other youth and adults. They worked with their local 4-H program coordinator to spread the word and had a good turnout.

"The first year I volunteered, we had 12 youth participate, including my son Nathan. We joined the FIRST LEGO League program to explore a challenge with a competition to work toward. When we started, the youth didn’t know much of anything about robotics, but they were excited to learn."

Meet the Minnesota 4-H Poultry Prince & Princess

Special thanks to Gold n' Plump for sponsoring this scholarship program.
Each year, two Minnesota 4-H youth are crowned the Minnesota 4-H Poultry Prince and Princess. The reigning Poultry Prince is Nathan Weckwerth, a 17 year old from Meeker County. This year’s Princess is Molly Lindgren, a 16 year old from Wadena County.

The Minnesota 4-H Poultry Prince and Princess is a scholarship program, sponsored by Gold’n Plump, which recognizes the individuals’ knowledge of the poultry industry and leadership skills. To earn their title, Molly and Nathan participated in various contests during the Minnesota State Fair, including public interviews, quiz and showmanship competition, the 4-H Chicken BBQ contest, and a Q&A stage presence final.

Molly and Nathan will hold the Princess and Prince title for one year. During their reign, Molly and Nathan will have the opportunity to expand their speaking, interview, and presentation skills by participating in various publicity events relating…

"Being a leader who helps others grow is amazing and truly life changing."

Maggie is a Minnesota 4-H True Leader.
Maggie is a 16-year-old 4-H'er in Murray County. Her first experience with 4-H was as a first grader when she started exploring horses, sheep, and crafts with other youth in the Cameron 4-H Club.

Maggie loves horses. She spends a lot of time focused on hippology (the study of horses), horse judging, speech and demonstration, building horse riding skills, and even leads the Cloverbud horse project, teaching the youngest of 4-H'ers about her passion. Maggie has competed several times at the Minnesota 4-H State Horse Show and has represented Minnesota 4-H at three national competitions.

4-H has also been a place for Maggie to build leadership skills. 4-H leadership events, retreats, and conferences in Murray County, Southwest Minnesota, and in Minneapolis-St. Paul have challenged her to grow. Last winter, she attended a youth leadership retreat offered by 4-H in Marshall, Minnesota. At the retreat, Maggie learned to value different strength…

2017 Minnesota 4-H Science of Agriculture Research Grants Awarded Teams Announced

We are pleased to announce the 2017 Minnesota 4-H Science of Agriculture Research Grant result. This year three teams are awarded with the $300 grant each. Congratulations to all outstanding awarded teams!
Team: Le Sueur 2 Research Topic: Beyond the Farm – Bringing Youth into Agriculture
Team: Becker County Strikers Research Topic: Stray Voltage
Team: The Heat Detectors Research Topic: Body Temperature Heat Detection

4-H Science of Agriculture Research Grants fund worthy youth research projects associated with the Minnesota 4-H Science of Agriculture program. $25,000 has been allotted to this year’s grants, with a limit of $5,000 for each Minnesota 4-H region.
Research projects must be conducted by a team of youth enrolled in the Minnesota 4-H Science of Agriculture program under the mentorship of a screened volunteer or staff mentor. The maximum grant award per team is $300.
These grants are funded in part by generous contributions from the Minnesota businesses.

In 4-H, our youth grow the skills they need to lead

Our greatest hope as parents and loving family members is for our children to grow into confident and passionate adults. We all want our children to thrive.

4-H is a wonderful place for our children to grow up, where they build the skills to lead in their schools, among their friends, in our communities, and throughout life. In 4-H, youth learn to lead with both confidence and passion.

When youth have meaningful opportunities to lead through service, the outcomes are great. Research shows that youth leaders have an increased sense of personal and social responsibility, greater problem-solving skills, more positive attitudes toward adults, and are more likely to be involved in their community throughout life. Ensuring our youth have many opportunities to lead and contribute is a worthy endeavor!