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Sandy Ludeman: "We give to 4-H because it gives youth a competitive environment to learn and grow."

Sandy & Peggy above the Swiss Alps
Sandy Ludeman, along with his wife Peggy, is a long time donor to Minnesota 4-H. His connection to the program reaches back into the 1950's when he first joined the Tracy Comets 4-H Club in Lyon County as a young boy.

"I grew up in 4-H and loved the competition of it. I did projects in soil conservation, agronomy and water quality. I won grand champion in the statewide 4-H Conservation Competition in the 1960’s. That was definitely a highlight. And attending the Conservation Camp with Wayne Carlson in 1964 was really influential too.”

After graduating from the University of Minnesota in Agriculture Economics, Sandy moved back to the family farm where he and Peggy raised their two children in the same 4-H club where he grew up.

"We wanted to be sure our kids had just as good an experience in 4-H as we did. Peggy and I were club advisers for 10 years and continue to volunteer for Lyon County 4-H however we can. It's a great program. Our grandkids are in 4-H now. It’s an important part of our family."

In addition to 4-H, Sandy is deeply engaged in local, regional and national leadership. He was founding chairman of the United Soybean Board and continues to serve as an occasional adviser. He is the current board president for Lyon-Lincoln Electric Coop, and has been a board member for the Minnesota Agriculture and Rural Leadership Program (MARL) and the Minnesota Soybean Research & Promotion Council.

Sandy and Peggy with children, spouses and grandkids
"4-H taught me skills I use regularly in my board and committee work. Like Robert’s Rules of Order. Even when I was young and relatively inexperienced, I could speak with confidence because of the knowledge I developed as a 4-H member."

Although his years of club volunteering are behind him, Sandy feels strongly that investing in 4-H is very important.

"Peggy and I give what we can to be sure many more youth in our area and across Minnesota have positive 4-H experiences. 4-H is about opportunity and trying something new. Youth get to take a deep dive into whatever topics they are passionate about. That's the sort of program that's worth our financial investment. We're glad to support 4-H."

And we're glad to have such encouraging and supportive 4-H alumni in Minnesota. Thanks to Sandy and Peggy Ludeman for investing in youth by giving to Minnesota 4-H. Young people across our state are exploring their passions and building confidence because of the Ludeman's generosity.

Erin Kelly-Collins
Alumni Coordinator
Minnesota 4-H Foundation

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