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Heidi (Pearson) Wyatt: "Never doubt the skills that you have learned in 4-H"

Heidi (Pearson) Wyatt is an Anoka County 4-H alum from the East Bethel Beavers Club. She joined 4-H during the 5th grade and was an active member until she graduated from high school.

Favorite parts of her 4-H days include demonstrating all that she had learned throughout the year at the Anoka County Fair, as well as singing, playing the piano, or acting at 4-H's annual community performance event called Share the Fun. "Share the Fun helped me to develop the skills needed to be comfortable in front of a large group of people." Taking on leadership roles as she grew older was also a highlight. "Being a youth leader helped me to develop skills in leading my peers, both younger and older than myself."

Heidi with Anoka County 4-H staff, Julie and Anna
When she graduated from the 4-H program, her commitment and engagement didn't skip a beat. "I'm a club leader and am also involved in a leadership role at the county level. All three of my children have grown up the program," said Wyatt. At the county level, she is the chairperson on the Communication Arts Contest Committee, in which she helps plan the county Communication Contest each spring. She has also helped out with various county events including Share the Fun, 4-H promotion at the County Fair and Cloverbud workshops for youth in grades kindergarten through third grade.

Heidi earned an Associate of Arts degree from Golden Valley Lutheran College, and both a B.S and M.S (M.Ed) in education at the University of Minnesota, where she specialized in special education. Most recently, Heidi completed a degree of Christian Education at Luther Seminary in St. Paul.

Currently, Heidi is a Director of Children and Household Ministry for a church in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. "I provide educational experiences for children within a faith context. I also provide service activities for children and their households. In addition to that, I have volunteered in my county, at local schools and at my city as an event planner."

Heidi with other volunteers at Anoka County 4-H Share the Fun
Heidi uses the 4-H pledge as a way to guide her life. "I feel that [the pledge] provides the standards that one can strive for in both work and life." As far as advice for young 4-H members and alumni, Heidi says to "never doubt the skills you have learned in 4-H. They are lifelong skills that will help you in many, if not all situations that come to you in life. 4-H has made me who I am today."

Heidi and her family proudly support the ongoing work of Minnesota 4-H through their time and financial resources. "We need to continue to support 4-H, so that future leaders can develop and discover their skills," Heidi said. "They will make the world a better place and become leaders of today and tomorrow."

By Laura Wyatt
Minnesota 4-H Foundation
Student Worker
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