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Cottonwood County 4-H'er Juliana Pederson receives the CCI Innovation in Agriculture Scholarship

Juliana Pederson, a recent graduate of Westbrook Walnut Grove High School, is the 2016 recipient of the CCI Innovation in Agriculture Scholarship.

Juliana has been an active member of the Westbrook-Rose Hill 4-H club in Cottonwood County since she was five years old. She has held various leadership roles ranging from club secretary and treasurer to Cottonwood County 4-H Federation president and vice president. She has also assisted with 4-H day camps, Project Day Spotlights, where 4-H'ers can work on the project to take to the fair, Presentation days, where she led a session on how to choose, present, and answer questions for the food review project, and radio promotions for National 4-H week. Growing up on a dairy farm led to Juliana participating in various 4-H dairy projects including showing, dairy interviews, and general projects demonstrating cattle injection techniques.

"I have had the honor of watching Juliana grow into a mature, responsible young adult, said Crystal Reith, Cottonwood County 4-H Program Coordinator in her reference letter for Juliana. "Through the 4-H program, Juliana has been a dynamic force in our community."

Juliana is a first year student South Dakota State University majoring in microbiology. She hopes to become a physical therapist who can effectively guide people through their injuries, while listening to their stories and encouraging  healthy living. Her passion for physical therapy developed through her high school biology class, various health camps, science field trips, and through her own physical therapy experience after an ACL tear. Juliana's passion for agriculture is focused on the cellular level as she, 'hopes to find an understanding of how molecules work in order to educate people on GMO's and further our research on food allergies." In the future, Juliana would like to continue to participate and give back to 4-H by being a herdsmanship judge, helping with Afterschool Adventures within Cottonwood County, become a 4-H volunteer, and at some point serving as a club leader.

"4-H helped to develop me into the person I am today.  It opened doors of opportunity, challenged me, and defined my future.  I hope I’m able to give back as a volunteer or a leader to develop the next generation."

Congratulations to Juliana Pederson for winning the CCI Innovations in Agriculture scholarship from the Minnesota 4-H Foundation!

By Kirstin Lawstuen
Minnesota 4-H Foundation

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