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Pope County 4-H'ers Welcome New Members into their Community

Excitement. Anticipation. Apprehension. Doubt. Hope.

Do you remember all the feelings that come with moving to a new home in a new community?
When new neighbors join a community, it’s important for them to feel welcomed and to know they belong. This belief is what led Isabella Ortendahl and her Lakeview 4-H Club to design and implement a "Welcome to the Community" service learning project for Pope County youth.  Pope County 4-H members assembled gift baskets filled with fun activities that families could do together. When new people moved into their community, a 4-H member would deliver them to the family as a way of saying "you are welcome here."

  "The primary goal of our project was to welcome new families with children into the community. We hoped they would feel welcomed and know some new kids before they started school," said Isabella. To achieve it, their 4-H club attended the local elementary and high school open houses in the Minnewaska Area Scho…

Sandy Ludeman: "We give to 4-H because it gives youth a competitive environment to learn and grow."

Sandy Ludeman, along with his wife Peggy, is a long time donor to Minnesota 4-H. His connection to the program reaches back into the 1950's when he first joined the Tracy Comets 4-H Club in Lyon County as a young boy.

"I grew up in 4-H and loved the competition of it. I did projects in soil conservation, agronomy and water quality. I won grand champion in the statewide 4-H Conservation Competition in the 1960’s. That was definitely a highlight. And attending the Conservation Camp with Wayne Carlson in 1964 was really influential too.”

After graduating from the University of Minnesota in Agriculture Economics, Sandy moved back to the family farm where he and Peggy raised their two children in the same 4-H club where he grew up.

"We wanted to be sure our kids had just as good an experience in 4-H as we did. Peggy and I were club advisers for 10 years and continue to volunteer for Lyon County 4-H however we can. It's a great program. Our grandkids are in 4-H now. It’s …

Heidi (Pearson) Wyatt: "Never doubt the skills that you have learned in 4-H"

Heidi (Pearson) Wyatt is an Anoka County 4-H alum from the East Bethel Beavers Club. She joined 4-H during the 5th grade and was an active member until she graduated from high school.

Favorite parts of her 4-H days include demonstrating all that she had learned throughout the year at the Anoka County Fair, as well as singing, playing the piano, or acting at 4-H's annual community performance event called Share the Fun. "Share the Fun helped me to develop the skills needed to be comfortable in front of a large group of people." Taking on leadership roles as she grew older was also a highlight. "Being a youth leader helped me to develop skills in leading my peers, both younger and older than myself."

When she graduated from the 4-H program, her commitment and engagement didn't skip a beat. "I'm a club leader and am also involved in a leadership role at the county level. All three of my children have grown up the program," said Wyatt. At the county…

Cottonwood County 4-H'er Juliana Pederson receives the CCI Innovation in Agriculture Scholarship

Juliana Pederson, a recent graduate of Westbrook Walnut Grove High School, is the 2016 recipient of the CCI Innovation in Agriculture Scholarship.

Juliana has been an active member of the Westbrook-Rose Hill 4-H club in Cottonwood County since she was five years old. She has held various leadership roles ranging from club secretary and treasurer to Cottonwood County 4-H Federation president and vice president. She has also assisted with 4-H day camps, Project Day Spotlights, where 4-H'ers can work on the project to take to the fair, Presentation days, where she led a session on how to choose, present, and answer questions for the food review project, and radio promotions for National 4-H week. Growing up on a dairy farm led to Juliana participating in various 4-H dairy projects including showing, dairy interviews, and general projects demonstrating cattle injection techniques.

"I have had the honor of watching Juliana grow into a mature, responsible young adult, said Crystal R…