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Cottonwood County 4-H partners alumni and local youth to explore creative arts

Each spring the Minnesota 4-H Foundation distributes grants to 4-H clubs who want to make a difference in their community. We will be featuring one grantee every month this year to celebrate all the wonderful ways Minnesota 4-H'ers are living out the 4-H Pledge. Our March featured grantee wanted to increase arts participation in Cottonwood County, Minnesota. We hope you enjoy their story.
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A group of 4-H’ers from Cottonwood County noticed that youth arts involvement was down, so they decided to take action. In order to encourage youth to explore their artistic talents, these youth, in partnership with their local 4-H federation organized a series of art workshops called Arts on the Prairie. Their hope was that as more youth were exposed to arts activities through these workshops, there would be an increased number of arts-related county fair exhibits the following summer. They also sought to enhance material taught in the classrooms of loc…

Mary (Dickson) Linehan: "Being a 4-H volunteer helped me find a job I love!"

Meet Mary (Dickson) Linehan, a Ramsey County 4-H alum, and former 4-H Mom and Chisago County 4-H volunteer. Recently she shared about her many experiences and all the hats she's worn as a part of Minnesota 4-H.
Erin Kelly-Collins: What is one of your favorite 4-H memories? Mary Dickson Linehan: As dorm mom at both the Chisago County fair and the Minnesota State fair, I was able to spend time with a large group of kids. It was always fun, and I enjoyed watching these young people grow up to be amazing adults. I run into these adults now, and we have such a wonderful time reminiscing. Every one of these 4-H’ers says that 4-H prepared them for college and careers. So many have shared job interview stories, with future employers praising them on their interview skills and poise. They all say they owe it to 4-H.

EKC: What are some of your career or professional highlights? MDL: After I was a quiz bowl coach for 4-H, I was offered a job through the school district. I was a middle school q…

Rahr Corporation invests $20,000 to help 4-H youth learn, lead and succeed

Since 1992, the Rahr Foundation has been a generous supporter of the youth development efforts of Minnesota 4-H. Their annual gifts to the Minnesota 4-H Foundation have provided consistent funding for staff to expand and deepen individual financial support for county and statewide 4-H programs.

"Rahr Corporation makes investing in today's youth a priority," said Marilyn Tech, Rahr executive administrative assistant. "Quality youth leadership programs, such as 4-H, ensure that future generations are equipped with the competencies necessary for strong leadership [and] a hopeful future marked by positive contributions to self, family, community and society. Rahr believes in 4-H and the success of the young people who participate in 4-H programs."

In late 2015, the Rahr Corporation deepened their organization’s support of local 4-H programming by making a one-time $20,000 gift to Scott County 4-H for the purpose of retrofitting their food stand at the county fair.

4-H Poultry Prince and Princess earn scholarship and provide poultry education statewide

Congratulations to Nathan Vonderharr of Isanti County 4-H & Katie Benson of Wadena County 4-H, this year's Minnesota 4-H Poultry Prince and Princess!

1. Tell us about your poultry involvement through 4-H.
Nathan: I have been in 4-H poultry for 10 years now showing and participating in the poultry knowledge bowl. I am the captain of our local 4-H poultry knowledge bowl team and our team has taken first in state for the last three years. I have also competed in the barbeque contest and the judging contest at the State Fair. Last year in the poultry judging contest I placed second and was able to compete nationally down in Louisville, Kentucky.
Katie: I have been raising and showing poultry through 4-H for the past eight years. I have been very active in my county's program by showing, giving demonstrations, putting on workshops, and participating in project bowl. I attend state and regional shows, workshops, and other contests. I have been invited to give presentations on show…