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Alumni Feature: Nick Kukowski & Pam Frederick

While all 4-H alumni stories are a pleasure to hear, some are just too good to be true. I hope you'll enjoy this two-for-one Minnesota 4-H alumni feature...a (hilarious and heartwarming) conversation with husband and wife duo Nick Kukowski and Pam Frederick.

Erin Kelly-Collins: Let's start out with the basics...what was your home 4-H county and how many years did you each participate? Nick Kukowski: I was in Clay County 4-H for 13 years. Pam Frederick: I spent 10 years in Pennington County 4-H.

EKC: What is a favorite memory from all those years in 4-H? NK: My favorite memories involved leadership camps.  Most of the camps and adventure initiatives I attended were during my teenage years, and I think they really helped develop me into the person I am today.  It was always nice to meet kids from outside our county - whether at the cluster or district level. PF:Wow, there are far too many memories to select just one! I'm sure for Nick his favorite memory would be meeting me!!   NK:…

Traverse County 4-H'er Logan Johnson receives Pace Scholarship

Logan Johnson, a Traverse County 4-H alum, is a student at South Dakota State University and the Minnesota 4-H Foundation's 2015 Pace Scholarship recipient. Staffer Eunice Lin recently interviewed him about how 4-H influenced his development and career path. Here's a peek into their conversation:

Eunice Lin: How did your family get involved with 4-H? Logan Johnson: My mom and grandpa were in 4-H and I wanted to carry on the family tradition. I started 4-H back in the third grade in a Junior Master Gardeners Program. After a few years, we decided to form a 4-H club called the Super Sprouts. Thanks to my grandma for sparking my interest in gardening.

EL: How have you stayed connected to 4-H in your area? LJ: I’ve tried to stay connected. It’s hard to stay connected when I'm at SDSU and working so much. I have been able to judge a neighboring county's lama show because of my experience in the Lama project. I'm also involved in a 4-H Program Quality Assurance Project with …

Marie (DeMars) Zimmerman: “4-H taught me skills I use every day as a community journalist and editor.”

Marie (DeMars) Zimmerman participated in McLeod County 4-H from 1995 to 2006 and was an intern for Wright County 4-H during the summers of 2006, 2007 and 2008. Her primary 4-H project areas were Beef, Clothing and Fashion Revue. She also participated in regional, state and national 4-H experiences like summer camp, BLU, YELLO! and National 4-H Congress.

“I remember leaving for my first regional 4-H summer camp, an overnighter, when I was 11 years old. I didn’t know anyone in the van from our county, but by the time I came home, I had all their signatures on my camp T-shirt. And I can still sing all those camp songs by heart!”

4-H was a wonderful environment for Marie to explore and try new things she wouldn't otherwise have experienced. “With 4-H I rode horseback through a town in the mountains of Pennsylvania, walked with our state flag through a ceremony at National 4-H Congress in Atlanta and got to evaluate livestock at the National Western Stock Show and Rodeo in Colorado.” She…