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Evy (Krause) Gebhardt: "4-H taught me that each of us has something to give.”

Meet Evy Gebhardt, director of sales & marketing for Outdoor News publications and proud Minnesota 4-H alum!

Evy (born Evelyn Krause) participated in Wright County 4-H from 1972 to 1984. She actively engaged in a variety of project areas including Dairy, Creative Arts, Public Speaking, Horticulture and Cooking. Recalling these projects stir up vivid memories for Evy of “charcoal on paper, oil on canvas, flowers picked when the early morning dew was still heavy, and testing recipes again and again before hand-writing them on note cards.” She also participated in Citizenship Washington Focus (CWF) and 4-H Exchanges to Michigan, Tennessee and instate rural/ urban experiences.

“I hope that current and future 4-H’ers will allow the program to broaden their horizons. Through the exchange programs I was privileged to participate in, my world grew. Being exposed to new cultures and views through 4-H was an unexpected benefit that I highly recommend.”
Memorabilia from Evy's 4-H years

Evy can clearly identify ways that her 4-H experience positively impacted her professional and personal life. She has spent her career as a sales and marketing professional honing the public speaking skills she developed while doing 4-H demonstrations as a youth. And the 4-H Pledge is a leadership and ethical standard she uses when considering decisions both big and small.

Her favorite memories from her years as a Wright County 4-H’er center around community service projects she did with fellow members of the Chatham Climbers Club.

“Every year at the holidays, our club would bake cookies and share them with community members while caroling throughout town. We went to assisted living centers and the residents would just smile and sing along, often times with tears rolling down their cheeks. These experiences taught me that there are many forms of philanthropy.”

Evelyn Krause 1984
Evy spent  over 25 years living in Alaska, serving as director of the Kenai Peninsula United Way and volunteering with the Alaska State Chamber of Commerce and sled dog racing events including the Iditarod and the Tustumena 200.

“My career has allowed me to interact with numerous conservation groups and sports-minded companies that embrace an outdoors lifestyle. It is a connection to nature and building legacies for future generations that is appealing. My experience in 4-H helped me develop this ethic.”

Evy’s daughter, Kristin, was also active in 4-H and her niece and nephew, Morgan and Andrew Krause, have continued as members of the Chatham Climbers Club with extensive dairy related involvement.

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