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Lincoln County 4-H'er Emily Clarke wins Schroeder Scholarship from the Minnesota 4-H Foundation

Meet Emily Clarke, a graduate of Canby High School, Minnesota 4-H'er from Lincoln County and 2015 recipient of the Ada and Helmuth Schroeder Scholarship.

Emily has been an active member of Minnesota 4-H throughout Lincoln County. She held the office of secretary for her local Ivanhoe Greenleaf club for 4 years, and was also president of that same club from 2014 to present. She has also held leadership roles in the Lincoln County Leader’s Council as secretary and president.
When Emily is not working with 4-H, she gets involved in multiple projects to improve her community. One of her most memorable projects was her work to fundraise and bring Caitlin Boyle, founder of Operation Beautiful, to her high school to speak about body image issues that are common in teens. She participates in her annual Community Thanksgiving Dinner where they serve over 300 community members each year.  She's was a active member of FFA in high school, and represented Minnesota at the National FFA Convention in 2014 for the Prepared Public Speaking CDE.

In addition to the Ada and Helmuth Schroeder Scholarship, Emily has also been the recipient of several distinguished 4-H awards at county and state levels including the Lincoln County 4-H Citizenship Award and the MN State Fair Purple Ribbon. She also has received recognition for her activity outside of 4-H, including awards for solo and ensemble in vocal performance, as well as a Certificate of Merit for participating in the MN Bar Association High School Mock Trial and the MN Distinguished Young Woman Award.

“Emily has taken on leadership roles and has proven to be an organized and efficient leader,” said Judy Leibfried, former Ivanhoe Greenleaf 4-H Club Leader. “She is trustworthy, reliable, and extremely responsible.”

Emily plans to attend the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities in the fall, and is looking forward to pursuing a doctorate degree in physical therapy.  Her goal is to give back to her community by making physical therapy more accessible and affordable for people who need it, as well as furthering research in the field of therapy.

“My life mission is to help others,” Emily stated in her application. “By finding new ways to treat injured patients, increasing the accessibility of physical therapy, and creating new exercises and products to make physical therapy more manageable, I hope to impact not only my hometown and Minnesota, but the entire world.”

Congratulations to Emily Clarke for winning the Ada and Helmuth Schroeder Scholarship award!

Each year the Minnesota 4-H Foundation distributes more than $20,000 through a competitive scholarship application process. If you are interested in helping to provide scholarships for college-bound 4-H’ers, please contact Erin Kelly-Collins at 612-624-7667 or

By Eunice Lin
Minnesota 4-H Foundation

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