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Elijah Michaletz: "In 4-H I found my passion and the way I want to make a difference."

I recently had the opportunity interview
Elijah Michaletz, a Meeker County 4-H alum and junior at the University of Minnesota –Twin Cities. Here’s a peek into our conversation:
Erin Kelly-Collins: Tell me about a favorite memory from your 13 years as a Minnesota 4-H’er.
Elijah Michaletz:My favorite memory would be my year as a Minnesota 4-H State Ambassador. I had the time of my life working with amazing and dedicated 4-H'ers from all over the state to accomplish a common goal. It was also fun to host BLUs and YELLO [youth leadership conferences] for hundreds of 4-H'ers, along with serving during all twelve days of the State Fair.

EKC: What were your primary 4-H projects and how did you chose them?
EM: My 4-H experience centered on two very different project areas. When I was young, my parents asked if I would rather take a trip to Disneyworld or raise rabbits. I don't know why, but I chose rabbits and a 10+ year 4-H project was born! My sister and I raised a variety of rab…

Celebrating a new partnership: American Crystal Sugar Company & Minnesota 4-H

The Minnesota 4-H Foundation is thrilled to announce a new partnership with American Crystal Sugar Company, supporting Minnesota 4-H's Science of Agriculture program.

American Crystal Sugar Company made a $10,000 gift (in partnership with CoBank) to ensure youth from Northwest Minnesota have access to this dynamic program, which prepares youth for careers in agriculture.

"American Crystal is interested because we need...qualified employees to work in our factories and other departments in our company. If we can get more high school students interested in and aware of future job opportunities at American Crystal, we have a better chance of attracting and hiring highly trained and qualified employees in the future." (source)

American Crystal Sugar Company representatives Tyler Grover, Jill Rotert and Jerry Christenson, attended the 1st annual Science of Agriculture awards banquet on June 19th to present a check to Minnesota 4-H staff and the Dean of Extension. Dr. Joshua …

Announcing the Harlan Rosendahl Poultry Endowment

Harlan Rosendahl (1953-2015) grew up in Norman County, Minnesota. He was the oldest of four children, all whom participated in Norman County 4-H.

As an adult, Harlan provided leadership in regional 4-H youth development programs -- with North Dakota Extension, Anoka and Douglas Counties in Minnesota, and in the Extension Regional Office in St. Cloud.  During his 30+ years with Extension, Harlan came to greatly appreciate the 4-H poultry program and its passionate youth and adult volunteers.

The Harlan Rosendahl Poultry Endowment was recently established is to further the poultry interests for the state of Minnesota through 4-H programs and activities. Funds will support youth participating in state and national poultry contests and provide training and other activities for poultry programs and projects throughout Minnesota.

Friends, family and former colleagues of Harlan have generously contributed $2,45 in his memory and more memorials are being received daily. If you would like to …

Kevin Estrem: “Across the U.S., mention 4-H and everybody joins the conversation.”

Kevin Estrem is co-owner of Estrem Farms and the current president of Minnesota Pork Board. We're excited to highlight his 4-H story as a Minnesota 4-H Featured Alum!

Kevin grew up as a 10-year member of the Big Giants 4-H Club in Rice County.  He has fond memories of sitting in the front row at club meetings and watching older members help the younger ones plan their projects. “They would have us sit at the head table and ask what we wanted to learn about our projects and where we would need help. As I got older, I enjoyed filling that same mentoring role for the members who were younger than me.”

Kevin got started in the gardening project and also made posters to present to his club and at the fair. As he progressed in his 4-H experience, he added dairy projects, showing both calves and heifers. He loves how 4-H encourages deep learning in the project areas that youth chose.

“Now that I am involved in the swine industry, I attend a lot of county fairs. I really enjoy interviewin…