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Featured 4-H Scholar: Megan Sauer

Meet Megan Sauer, a sophomore at Bethany Lutheran College, 4-H alum from Nobles County and 2014 recipient of the David and Valerie Pace Scholarship from the Minnesota 4-H Foundation.

Megan has been an active member of 4-H at both the club and county level. She’s filled several leadership roles in the Elk Tip Toppers 4-H Club including president, secretary and recreation leader and has been on various fundraising and community pride committees. For Nobles County 4-H, she has served as a judge’s assistant, foods committee member, volunteer at the local 4-H camp, and was a County 4-H Ambassador. Of her many volunteer leadership roles, she is especially passionate about teaching youth and adults from across her county about the joys of putting needle to fabric to create objects both beautiful and useful.

“Sewing is a skill that’s declining in our county. My sisters and I have taken this challenge to help teach children and parents how to sew. We love hosting workshops in our home that are open to anybody who’s interested!”

During Megan’s 11 years in 4-H, she has participated in 15 unique projects including citizenship & leadership, demonstrations, fashion revue, and self-determined, focused on historical topics. She has earned Minnesota State Fair trips each year she’s been eligible and has received numerous awards for her outstanding leadership.

“Megan never ceases to amaze me with her positive attitude and willingness to serve,” commented Emily Christensen, Megan’s 4-H club leader. “She is a true example of what 4-H represents and daily follows through on each promise of the 4-H pledge.”

Megan is currently in her sophomore year at Bethany Lutheran College, studying history and studio art. She is very interested in a career in historical preservation, but is also taking courses in graphic design to enhance her creativity and problem solving skills.

“Being involved in a variety of 4-H projects and experiences over the years really helped me value being a well-rounded person,” Megan explained in her scholarship application. “I can see how those experiences are immensely helping now that I'm in college.”

In addition to her studies, Megan is very involved in her college's cross country running team, regularly hosts prospective students, and works in the school cafeteria. She stands out as an exemplary member of her school community and is respected by both fellow students and professors.

“Megan reveals a level of maturity and intellectual curiosity that all students would do well to emulate,” mentioned Andrew Overn, a professor at Megan’s school. “Her quiet humility, sense of humor, and overall sense of wellbeing make her well liked among her peers. She is a leader both academically and creatively.”

Congratulations to Megan Sauer for winning the Pace Scholarship award!

Each year the Minnesota 4-H Foundation distributes more than $20,000 through a competitive scholarship application process. If you are interested in helping to provide scholarships for college-bound 4-H'ers, please contact Erin Kelly-Collins at 612-624-7667 or 

Erin Kelly-Collins
Alumni Coordinator
Minnesota 4-H Foundation

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