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Craig Shulstad: "4-H opened up the world to me!"

Meet Craig Shulstad, a retired director from General Mills and proud Minnesota 4-H alum. Craig was raised on his parent’s farm in Clay County and can't remember a time from his youth when he wasn't a member of the local 4-H club. It was there that he developed his confidence and sense of self.

Craig loved demonstrations, public speaking and one act plays and proudly showed cattle at the Clay County Fair and Minnesota State Fair. “I still make a point of watching the 4-H cattle show every year that I visit the State Fair. It always stirs up such strong emotions for me. 4-H was just so very meaningful to me.”

One of the highlights of his 4-H experience was serving as a Minnesota delegate to the 1960 National 4-H Congress. “4-H opened the world to me and helped me develop an awareness of life beyond my own community.”

Craig attended the University of Minnesota as a Liberal Arts Major and holds degrees from Harvard’s Business and Kennedy Schools. His education also included four years with the Peace Corps; two in Afghanistan and two at the national office in Washington, D.C.

After retiring from a career at General Mills in marketing, public relations and public affairs, Craig reengaged in his 4-H grown love of travel and service. He has visited more than 60 countries, received ESL training at Hamline University and has taught English and management courses at the University of St. Thomas as well as in China and Taiwan.

Craig and his wife Mariana have two adult children named Sara and Matthew. The Shulstads reside in Minneapolis and have been faithful donors to the Minnesota 4-H Foundation since 2001.

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Erin Kelly-Collins
Alumni coordinator
Minnesota 4-H Foundation
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