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Memorial endowment honoring passionate 4-H volunteer Ione Gibson

Big Stone County 4-H endowment signing
Big Stone County 4-H youth and leaders collaborated over several months to raise $10,000 for the establishment of the Big Stone County 4-H / Ione Gibson Memorial Endowment.

Mrs. Gibson was longtime 4-H volunteer and leader in Big Stone County. She not only guided her own children through the 4-H program, but also served as a mentor and leader to numerous youth throughout the years and served faithfully as a Big Stone County Fair judge. Her dedication to the Minnesota 4-H program continued once her children were grown, serving as a lifetime member of Minnesota 4-H Adult Volunteer Association until her passing in 2012.

Mrs. Ione Gibson
“Mrs. Gibson’s love of the 4-H program is the reason why the endowment has been named in her honor,” said Suzanne Sousa, 4-H Program Coordinator in Big Stone County. “With a generous donation made in memory of Ione by her family in April 2014, funds continued to be raised with the county 4-H program reaching their goal in December 2014.”

The Big Stone County 4-H Leaders Council hopes to use the earnings from this endowment to support and strengthen ongoing programs, provide start-up dollars for innovative new programs, support local 4-H members’ learning through self-selected projects, and to increase the visibility and public support for 4-H throughout Big Stone County.

Contributions from interested individuals, organizations, corporations or foundations may be added to the Big Stone County 4-H / Ione Gibson Memorial Endowment at any time, furthering the long-range objective of the endowment.

If you would like to make a contribution to the Big Stone County 4-H / Ione Gibson Memorial Endowment, please contact the staff at the Minnesota 4-H Foundation.

By Erin Kelly-Collins
Alumni Coordinator & County Development Liaison
Minnesota 4-H Foundation / 612-624-7667

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