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Featured 4-H Scholar: Kristina Allen

Meet Kristina Allen, a freshman at the University of Minnesota –Morris, 4-H alum from Olmsted County and 2014 recipient of the Kern Scholarship from the Minnesota 4-H Foundation.

Kristina has been an active member of 4-H at the local, county and state level. She’s filled multiple leadership roles in the New Haven Sodbusters 4-H Club including president, vice president, secretary, historian and reporter. For Olmsted County 4-H, she has served on the budget and fundraising committees and on their Ambassador team, sharing the 4-H story with local businesses, organizations and government leaders.

She has been most active in the poultry and dog project areas during her 14 years in 4-H. Her growing knowledge in these areas earned her many opportunities to compete at the state level; she was a multi-year finalist in the Minnesota 4-H State Poultry Interview competition, winner top prize in 2011. In 2013, after an extensive competition of poultry knowledge, experience, leadership and confidence, Kristina was crowned the Minnesota 4-H Poultry Princess.

“4-H is a huge part of my life that has taught me how to excel in many areas of my life. It has helped me grow as a leader and I am thankful for all of the wonderful connections I have made in 4-H over the years.”

Kristina is a passionate volunteer who serves her community in a variety of ways. She is a math tutor at Rochester Community & Technical College, helps in the AgStar Miracle of Birth Center at Olmsted County Fair, and was a multi-year member of both the Arioso Auditioned Choir and Honors Choir of Southeast Minnesota. She has also engaged in a multitude of one-time and ongoing volunteer activities with her local 4-H club, including clearing brush and litter along roads and ditches and coordinating a food drive.

Kristina is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in biology, with the aspiration of earning advanced degrees in dentistry and orthodontia.

“A long held dream of mine is to work overseas with the poor. With dentistry and orthodontia degrees, I’ll be able to serve with Doctors Without Borders and really make a difference.”

Congratulations to Kristina Allen, a supremely worthy recipient of this annual scholarship award!

Each year the Minnesota 4-H Foundation distributes more than $20,000 through a competitive scholarship application process. If you are interested in helping to provide scholarships for college-bound 4-H’ers, please contact Erin Kelly-Collins at 612-624-7667 or

Applications for the Kern Scholarship from the Minnesota 4-H Foundation are due on April 15th. Minnesota 4-H youth who are interested applying can learn more by visiting our website.

by Erin Kelly-Collins
Alumni coordinator
Minnesota 4-H Foundation

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