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Deborah Jean Templin: 4-H introduced me to my career on stage

Deborah Jean Templin is a proud 4-H alum from McLeod County, Minnesota. She is a professional actor who has been a member of Actors Equity Association and the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists since 1977.

During her ten years as an active member of the Plato Go-Getters 4-H club, she finished projects in clothing, photography, dress review, conservation and leadership.  At the state level, she served as youth treasurer for the Minnesota State 4-H program, played Mother Goose during Share the Fun at the Minnesota State Fair and won the 1967 State 4-H radio speech contest on the topic What Living in a Culturally Pluralistic Society Means to Me.

“The experience of winning the radio speaking contest, traveling, meeting new people - was typical of what 4-H did for me and what I think 4-H does best.  It gives youth the skills to take care of themselves and explore the world.”
4-H Share the Fun skit

Deborah Jean credits 4-H with introducing her to theatre and sparking her passion for a life on stage. The collaborative process of 4-H’s self-directed projects instilled in her the skills necessary to successfully write and perform plays such as:
·         Singing for the Cows homesteading a dream, McLeod County history
·         Unsinkable Women: Stories and Songs from the Titanic
·         A Muse!, a retelling of Greek Mythology 
·         Godzilla Meets Elsie, death of the family farm w/Jennifer Templin
·         Cook Off, a play about the national chicken cook off
·         The Little Mermaid, adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen w/Austin Colyer
·         Homogenized Light, an immigrant's story- A clown Show
·         Memory Cake, a play about the making of poetry
·         Mother Goose, a "Dear Abby" style piece explaining nursery rhymes
·         Persephone’s Return,  exploring the mother daughter bond
Two proud generations of 4-H alumni

 “I love storytelling. The craft of acting has allowed me to bring characters to life and connect with an audience. Follow your bliss and always stay in contact with the nine year old inside of you who knows anything is possible.”

If you would like to see Deborah Jean Templin live, she will be performing Singing for the Cows: homesteading a dream February 21-22 in Hutchinson. We wish her well and are proud to call her a part of the Minnesota 4-H Alumni & Friends Community!

Erin Kelly-Collins
Alumni engagement coordinator
Minnesota 4-H Foundation

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