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Minnesota 4-H Club Solving Real World Problems

A new and exciting 4-H project that youth from all around the state are participating in is LEGO® Robotics. This project area is designed to engage youth in science, engineering and technology by designing, building and programming robots that accomplish specific tasks. Many 4-H clubs participate in local competitions to demonstrate the effectiveness of their robot's design and programming. The competitions also provide the youth with opportunities to address and solve real world problems using their robotic design experience.

One 4-H club from St. Louis County, made up of six 10-13 year olds, took the theme for this past year's competition, weather related disasters, and created a solution that is a marketable product with the potential of saving many lives. The specific problem they chose to address was the difficulty rescue workers encounter when trying to locate people whose cars have slid off roads into deep ditches or are stranded in flood waters.

After extensive rese…

Kittson County 4-H youth increase beauty and safety at local community pool

In the spring of 2014, the Two River 4-H Club of Kittson County received a Helping Hands Grant from the Minnesota 4-H Foundation for a pool beautification project in their community. Here's their story as told to Erin Kelly-Collins.

After spending several years maintaining the landscaping near the entryway of our local community pool, our club felt it was time to reevaluate the design and utility of the space. We first received feedback and encouragement from city maintenance workers to take on this project and knew that we could seek funding from the Minnesota 4-H Foundation if our plan was well developed.

Our members spent several meetings imagining what a redesigned space could be, paying particular attention to safety, utility and overall attractiveness. We consulted with a local landscaper and greenhouse who taught us about benefits and detractors of the different materials and plants we were considering and built a budget based on their feedback and expertise.

Two of our m…