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From Our Executive Director

In the cold beginnings of a new year in Minnesota, 4-H youth are halfway through their year of learning and experiences. Learning and experiences that will eventually be highlighted at fairs across the state this summer. Summertime is when many folks think 4-H "happens" but the truth is it is in these cold winter months when youth do their greatest learning.

Right now, youth are participating in workshops in project areas that may be new to them. They are experimenting with woodworking, baking, robotics and more to learn how they can make their chosen projects better. They may be participating in livestock ethics training or public speaking contests. Or maybe they are attending their regional Building Leadership and Understanding (BLU) retreat.

So much happens for 4-H youth from October through April all across our state! They are active, learning and developing their head, hearts, hands and health all year long. If you know a 4-H'er, take a moment to ask "what are you doing in 4-H right now?" Find out what they learned in a recent workshop. Ask what projects they are experimenting with today. It will make next summer's 4-H exhibits at the fair much more meaningful for you and for our 4-H youth.

Cara Miller
Past Executive Director
Minnesota 4-H Foundation

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