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From Our Executive Director

For over 33 years the Minnesota 4-H Foundation has been raising private support for Extension 4-H Youth Development Programs. Our current board chair, Will Schultz and his wife Sarah recently hosted a gathering in their home for all of our past board members. It was wonderful to see old friends and to hear stories from folks who were board members in our early days. I know that the work of those first "pioneer" board members has helped make the Minnesota 4-H Foundation one of the top five 4-H foundations in the nation today.

Today our board members continue to move the 4-H Foundation forward for the benefit of Minnesota youth. In the past two years the board completed a strategic vision plan which is driving our current work. Under this plan the board established a transformational goal: to significantly increase private philanthropic giving in order to grow support of 4-H youth development to the next level. This is a lofty goal in light of the fact that over the past five years the Minnesota 4-H Foundation has given $1 million a year to support Extension Youth Development. But we want to do more for the youth of Minnesota!

To meet our transformational goal we are incorporating four key strategies:
1. Strengthen our partnership with the Extension Center for Youth Development,
2. Focus our work on identifying and nurturing individual donors,
3. Enhance our engagement with 4-H alumni and friends, and
4. Nurture a spirit of giving for 4-H within all stakeholders.

In all we do moving forward the 4-H Foundation will be keeping our goal and these strategies in our minds and hearts as we work to fulfill our vision to provide all Minnesota young people opportunities to learn, lead and succeed.

I look forward to keeping you up-to-date on the work of the Minnesota 4-H Foundation through my monthly messages on our website. But for now, I want to say thank you to all of those former board members who have helped lead and guide us over the years, and thank you to our current board of directors who will carry us into the future.

Cara M. Miller
Past Executive Director
Minnesota 4-H Foundation

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