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Featured Donor: Brian Krafthefer

Growing up in 4-H taught Brian Krafthefer the power of family and community in the development of young people. His parents and grandparents were active 4-H members and his many years in the program developed skills and relationships that significantly impacted who he became as an adult.

When Brian moved from Douglas to Washington County to start his career as a research engineer, he knew one thing for certain, he would raise his family in 4-H just the way his parents and his grandparents did.

"For every generation of my family, we've seen the social value of being involved in 4-H. It is a place where lifelong relationships with both peers and caring adults are developed and nurtured. My grandparents and parents had that, I had that, and now my kids have had that too."

Although both of Brian's children are grown now (his daughter is a proud 4-H alum), he continues to be a strong and engaged supporter of 4-H because of the role it can play in creating opportunity and enthusiasm for science, technology, engineering and mathematics in young people.

In 2012 Brian became the establishing donor of the Washington County 4-H STEM Scholarship. The scholarship is intended to provide financial support and encouragement for college freshmen who are excited about a future career in the technical fields. He plans on giving annually in support of this scholarship and actively encourages other STEM professionals in his community to give as well.

"The earlier we can get youth excited about science and engineering the better. We've got to catch their imagination during the "I wonder why" phase of their development and 4-H is a great place to do that. If youth are more stimulated to participate in and enjoy the sciences because of the donations I give to 4-H, then I feel like that's a great legacy. I'd be happy with that."

The Minnesota 4-H Foundation is proud to be a part of Brian Krafthefer's legacy giving plan.
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