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"4-H has taught me that my voice is important. It's great to be part of something so big."

Meet Evan. A Minnesota 4-H True Leader.

4-H has been an important place for Evan to build the skills he needs to lead in school, his community, and into his future. He has been part of Hubbard County 4-H since he was just five years old, focusing his learning on horses, photography and leadership. As an older member of 4-H, Evan realizes how important it is to share his knowledge and skills with younger youth in his community and throughout the state.

"I love photography, but there aren't a lot of other kids in Hubbard County who know how to take photos. I'm preparing a workshop for local youth to learn about photography. I hope to generate interest in this project and help youth build skills too."
In addition to helping local youth learn about photography, Evan is serving on a statewide team focused on enhancing the photography project experience for youth across Minnesota. He is one of four youth on this 4-H Photography Project Development Committee, and is committed to ensuring that the values and interests of young people are a top priority.

Evan displaying his award-winning photograph
“4-H has taught me that youth voice is really important. I’m glad I get to influence 4-H photography at the state level. It’s great to be part of something so big.”

Another way that Evan is using and building leadership skills is as a Hubbard County 4-H Ambassador. In this role, Evan helps plan events, works as a camp counselor, and supports clubs in creating positive and welcoming environments for all youth.

Evan showing off new spurs
during his early 4-H years
“Leading by example is important to me. For example, I noticed that our club wasn’t very good at welcoming new people. We had to step back, look at what we were doing and make a change. Now, we always have somebody at the door to greet every person who comes to our meetings. It’s a simple thing that can make everybody feel welcome and part of the group.”

Evan is using this knowledge to help other 4-H clubs in his area be more welcoming to new youth and families. He’s glad 4-H has given him experience to learn, be reflective, and grow his ability to lead and influence others.

Evan is a member of the Hubbard County 4-H Riders Club, and enjoys working with fellow horse enthusiasts on their local horse drill teams. He also helps in a variety of ways during the Hubbard County fair.

After high school, Evan plans to pursue a college degree in business. He aspires to work in the music industry and continue using and developing his photography skills.

University of Minnesota
Extension Center for Youth Development